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Beowulf is a 3rd person action game with a few RPG elements mixed in. The title is based around an old 6th Century poem told in anglo-saxon tongue that through the ages has been passed down generation to generation.

You play as a young mighty warrior named Beowulf who is sent out to walk the northlands in search great evil mythical creature named GRENDEL, bane of the Danish king HROTHGAR. In order to gain fame and glory Beowulf must kill the creature but its easier said then done. You must wander the pagan world building your strength and learning the ways of the sword before you take GRENDEL one-on-one. Also it is said that you will be helped by a mysterious race named the YLFE. These people will guide you along your way but as the game progresses you must choose whether to trust the strange race.

Beowulf will capture the spirit of the early Viking Age, creating a unique world not seen in other games and will push graphics to the limit with all new state-of-the-art technology.

Some Features that Beowulf will present include:
* Combat system that faithfully emulates medieval sword-fencing
* Real time combat
* Vivid characters and beautiful 3D environments
* Cutting-edge 3D technology with striking visual effects
* Integrated realtime physics for action-packed gameplay
* Open GL 1.5 support
* Brand new game engine built from the ground up
* well-known name and scenario (especially among the Tolkien fan community).

Other information would include that the title is headed for PC and next gen consoles. It has yet to be confirmed that Beowulf will be for PS3 since the developers are still looking for a publisher. PS3Land.com will keep you updated as soon as more information is available.