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A new title for the PS3, Dreamers is a psychological action/adventure that takes you on a wild ride into the thoughts and dreams of a narcoleptic whose 4 hour dreams start to become 4 day fatal comas.

Developed by Dreamgazers, a new studio that began in 2004, the studio looks to bring you a game that separates itself from common game clichés and bring you something new, inspired by everyday life and people. Some of the dreams in which your character falls into are created from "Dreamers" fans. They are currently holding a contest, looking for unique and creative dreams to use in the game. The winners receive everything from collectors’ editions of the game to being on the games credits. Check out the contest here: Are you a Dreamer?

The details are scarce on the game but what we do know is that you play a narcoleptic named Jorge. You will live an everyday normal life when out of the blue you have these attacks of deep sleep or hallucinations. These attacks usually only last for 5-10 minutes but happen anywhere at anytime. When you fall into these dreams you start to notice that there may be a purpose and the only chance of awakening is to finish whatever goal is set before you.

Using clues to find why your condition is worsening, Jorge will search within his dreams, nightmares, and ill-fated past.

Some features the game will hold:

* Stunning high detailed environments using the latest in graphic techniques
* Original, rich storyline and characters based on an immense screenplay
* Personalized subliminal game experience based on player’s own real life fears
* Next Gen Graphics Engine based on the Reality Engine
* A unique gameplay mix spanning from first person adventure to third person action
* Featuring dream levels based on real life dreams dreamt by real life people
* Insane Physics with optional AGEIA Physics Accelerator Card support

Find out more or join their forums @: