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Fatal Inertia

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Fatal Inertia, Koei's new futuristic demolition racing game, set to be released with the launch of the PS3.

Fatal Inertia is set in the 23rd. Century where cars no longer race on the ground but in the air. Koei is mixing a few racing genre's together in this title. Fatal Inertia is like a recipe where the ingredients include; Twisted Metal, Need for Speed Underground, Jet Moto, and Wipeout.

The core of the gameplay is the physics engine that offers incredible interaction between weapons, environments, and other cars. The environment for example isnt just fly by scenery anymore. You can use cliffs to blow up and cause rocks to come down and pummel your opponent to the ground.

The game will include a variety of things to add to your car from colors and stickers to weapons. The landscapes in which you race in will change as well. There will be desolate woodlands, desert canyons, glacial ranges, and others.

There will be a variety of game modes including several competitive race types and co-op gameplay. There is also a seasonal mode where you can earn prizes and unlockables.

Fatal Inertia will be unlike anything you've ever seen or experienced in a racing game.