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Real Boxing Review: no pain, no gain in Vivid's challenging boxing sim

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on 3 September 2013

From the ‘no pain, no gain’ training mini-games to the upgradable boxer who forges a career by slowly skilling-up in various attributes, the influence of early boxing simulations can be seen all over Vivid Games’ Real Boxing.

The PlayStation Vita-exclusive title begins with the customisation of your fighter. Choosing a country, a name and then browsing through a range of hairstyles, clothing and tattoos, it’s a chance to give your boxer a personal touch and there’s plenty of variety to help you make him stand out from competitors.

Each boxer begins his career with three statistics (strength, speed and stamina) which he builds by spending points or cash which he wins by beating opponents. There’s also extra incentives (more money and skill points) for completing objectives such as knocking your opponent out in less than 30 seconds. Skill points are gained for winning, which can then be assigned across the three attributes as you attempt to build up your boxer with the skills needed to take him all the way through a challenging career mode.

Like typical boxing simulations of old, Real Boxing is not just about getting into the ring and knocking the living daylights out of opponents with a flurry of Rocky-style punches. Instead, it requires a slower, more tactical approach in the ring, alongside training and careful distribution of skill points.

Sweet looking graphics and animations