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F1 2013 Review: Codemasters' latest racer misses the apex

on 30 September 2013

Graphically, the game can look good but the cars can have some low resolution textures on them which stick out quite badly. Also, advertising hoardings are extremely blurry at distance and then suddenly pop into focus, which looks terrible. Overall, F1 2013 isn't a big improvement over last year's game in terms of aesthetics.

There are numerous multiplayer modes in F1 2013, with online, split-screen and system link types supported. The multiplayer modes are brought over from previous games. The usual single race types as well as co-op championship where you and a friend race as teammates against AI opponents are back, too. Unfortunately, the online modes couldn't be tested as no one was online to race.

It's hard to recommend F1 2013 unless you really, really enjoy these games. It's got too many features that feel unfinished and hasn't made enough significant improvements over prior entries in the series to be a worthwhile purchase. That's often said of other yearly franchises, but it rings true here. It's a case of one step forward and two steps back in many areas of the game.

F1 2013 Review by Paul Kelly

-The Final Word-

Sadly, F1 2013 takes the long-running racing franchise one step forward and two steps back.
  • Classic cars can be fun to race
  • The ability to save in the middle of a race
  • Beating Sebastian Vettel
  • The lack of Classic Mode content
  • Barebones Career Mode
  • The understeering cars
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