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Tearaway Review: Media Molecule weaves its magic in PS Vita's must-have title

on 20 November 2013

Tearaway also rewards exploration too, as each stage is peppered with hidden presents to unwrap for extra confetti, as well as various side activities. These also help to elongate the game’s overall length, and are fun to tackle to boot. One minute, you’re hunting for a pebble to keep a lonely rock company, the next you’re taking a picture of whited-out objects in the environment to make them materialize, giving you access to your very own papercraft instructions to try out in real life. Oh, and let’s not forget using the touchscreen to draw someone a crown or cut yourself out a pair of mittens. Iota can also be kitted out with tons of accessories for your own unique stamp on the character, at the price of some confetti.

As mentioned, Iota also has to battle pesky little critters known as Scraps, and it’s here that Tearaway’s papercraft antics shows a few wrinkles. Most of the time you’re required to simply dodge foes before picking them up and hurling them at other enemies until the next area is unlocked. It feels undeveloped next to the creative spark of the core platforming, and is easily the weakpoint in Iota’s vibrant adventure. A couple of the latter foes require a little more strategy to dispatch, but overall, there’s not much excitement to be had here. Fortunately, these sections never outstay their welcome.

Tearaway’s visuals evoke a warm wash of nostalgia, and I was frequently taken back to the days of children’s TV shows or indeed when I dabbled in papercraft back in my primary school days. Everything from the colorful locations, characters and effects come together to form a rich and diverse landscape that’s brimming with personality. The fact that the player - or You, should I say - is so intrinsically woven into Iota’s world gives you a massive sense of accomplishment and power, and I felt closer to Iota than most other game protagonists as I helped him navigate each environment. Aurally Tearaway’s stripped-back approach is befitting of the type of game it is; this isn’t a loudmouth shooter or wise-cracking adventure, after all. As such, the faint whistle of the wind, the chirping of birds and the ubiquitous sound of paper unfolding and fluttering in the breeze creates quite a bizarre yet relaxing atmosphere that you can help but be drawn in to.

Tearaway is the game to own a PS Vita for. Media Molecule’s unmistakable stamp of creativity and pick-up-and-play appeal makes Iota’s adventure a joy to play and experience, and illustrates the PS Vita’s unique control functions in the best way possible to date. Sure, it’s short and there’s probably not all that much to go back to unless you fancy hunting down every last shred of confetti, but regardless, this is one game you can’t afford to miss out on. Media Molecule may have left SackBoy behind, but here’s hoping they’ve just spawned a new franchise.

Tearaway was reviewed using a PS Vita download code provided by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE).

Tearaway Review by Michael Harradence

-The Final Word-

Tearaway is a brilliant mix of creativity, stunning visuals and joyous platforming. Make no mistake - this is PS Vita's must-have game.
  • Stunning visuals
  • Fantastic use of PS Vita's unique control functions
  • Solid platforming with some nice side activities
  • A bit on the short side
  • Dull combat
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