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Giotech EX-06 Wireless Stereo Headphones Review - PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC Review

on 13 January 2014

The EX-06 wireless HD stereo headphones are the ‘big daddies’ of Giotech’s current range of audio-enhancing peripherals. Costing approximately £70, these premium pair of cans are compatible with PS3, 360, PS4 and PC and boast an impressive feature-set aimed at providing consumers with everything they need to immerse themselves in the proverbial sounds of gaming, namely gun-fire, explosions and revving engines.

The black and orange box that houses the EX-06 is devoid of the annoying plastic packaging that comes with many headsets. Subsequently, you won’t be need a pair of scissors to prize it open as it’s actually encased in its own protective case within the box. Looking rather like a manly vanity case that you might cram full of smelly stuff and bring to the gym, the EVA foam carry case is black in colour with a red trim running all the way around the zip and is sturdy enough to provide ample protection for the headset, which folds up very snugly into a compact space. This means the EX-06 can be tucked away securely when not in use and carried around comfortably and easily; ideal if you do intend to bring them outside of your home.

Open up the case and you can see that the EX-06 is cleverly designed with a flexible folding hinge system that allows its cups to be tucked inwards toward the headband and folded up like a baby in a mother’s womb where it nestles cosily in the soft interior. The headset comes with everything you need to get set up immediately, including a detachable mic, USB wireless transmitter, a short USB charging cable, RCA to Audio cable and an audio chat cable.

The EX-06 snaps into its open position intuitively and sports a reassuringly solid headband that widens out in the center and carries the red Giotech logo loud and proud. The adjustable band, which feels sturdy enough to survive if you inadvertently tread on it, is supported underneath by leatherette padding which provides a soft cushion for your head. On either end of the headband, as you approach the cups, are the plastic swivel and folding mechanisms which allow you to quickly fold up the headset and adjust the cups accordingly around your ears. The inside of the cups are also surrounded with a black spongy material that is much softer than the leatherette padding on the underside of the headband.

On the matte-black outer shell of one of the cups, right in the centre of a hexagonal-shaped design (which is etched into the casing), is a small orange button that allows you power up or turn off the headset. Within easy thumb reach, are three function buttons situated on the side of each of the cups. On one cup you have the game volume buttons placed either side of a mute button, and on the other you can adjust chat volume and activate a virtual surround sound experience. The buttons require little effort to depress and are easily accessible quickly, a feature that will come in handy for muting out any annoying Call of Duty runts that are about to slag off your mom.