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Dustforce Review

on 12 February 2014

The combat is the game isn’t the focus, which makes the included multiplayer modes rather odd. Multiplayer in Dustforce is combat-focused and has two different modes: Survival and King of the Hill. There is the choice to play as the cleaners or the enemies who produce filth for the other teams to clean. It’s really nothing more than a short distraction and won’t keep you hooked for long.

Other than multiplayer, there are leaderboards, which allow you to compare your level times and scores with your friends, and the rest of the world. Another feature is being able to view level runs, which can be saved and uploaded. What this does is show you the best path and which character to use. This is a feature that was definitely made with the social media generation in mind -- it's just a shame the Vita doesn’t have a Share button.

Playing the PS Vita version, Dustforce looks and sounds great when using headphones. The soundtrack is influenced by the 16 bit-era and complements the game very well. However, for a title that requires precision like platformers of old, the Vita version is less than perfect.

The framerate of the game isn’t as smooth as it could be. There can be sharp drops, which stutter the game and can ruin your current level run if you’re trying to go for S ranks. Otherwise, the framerate is fine but it doesn’t feel as smooth as it could be. Another issue is that the controls can get problematic. The inputs are simplistic but because the game is quite fast, there can be times that they aren’t recognized properly, which gets frustrating.

Dustforce is a must-play for anyone who loves 2D platform games. It’s challenging, addicting and is perfect if you love to speedrun through any given game. Sadly, the PS Vita version has problems which take away from a game that is suited to the handheld better than most.

Dustforce was reviewed for PS Vita with a review code provided by Capcom.

Dustforce Review by Paul Kelly

-The Final Word-

An enjoyable, if flawed, Janitor-'em-up that offers a nice twist on the platform genre.
  • Ninja janitors!
  • Great platform mechanics
  • Solid soundtrack
  • Unstable frame rate
  • The lack of enemy variety
  • Occasionally frustrating controls
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