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Zen Pinball 2: The Walking Dead PS4 Review

on 1 September 2014

With the inevitable weight of responsibility that comes with gaining access to major licenses such as Star Wars, Marvel, and Plants vs. Zombies, Zen Studios has done a magnificent job at putting together a host of tables for Zen Pinball 2 that do justice to some much-loved franchises. To give you an idea of what the full game entails, please check out our Zen Pinball 2 review. Otherwise read on as we examine the latest piece of DLC in the form of The Walking Dead table.

At a basic level, the control scheme for Zen Pinball 2 simply involves tapping the DualShock 4 triggers to control the left and right flippers, using co-ordination and timing to shoot flashing lanes. Delve a little deeper into this virtual pinball simulator, however, and you’ll discover there’s so much more to it, with engaging missions to complete and interactive mini-games to enjoy. Throw in some lovingly-created themed tables and silky-smooth pinball mechanics and you’ve got yourself a game that has that perfect pick-up-and-play appeal.

The Walking Dead DLC is the latest table added to the swelling roster of content on offer and focuses on events during Season One of Telltale Games’ classic point-and-click-adventure. Not only does the pinball table look fantastic, thanks to key artwork (from The Walking Dead on PS3) used to detail some of the iconic locations and characters, but it also cleverly takes on board two of the main themes from the zombie-infested adventure: survival and moral choices, and does a great job at capturing the heart and soul of The Walking Dead universe.

Housed around the outskirts of the pinball playing area are some of the iconic locations from Season One, complete with ambling Walkers for added zombie flair. You’ll spot the town of Savannah and the Travelier Motel, as well as Clem’s Treehouse and St. John’s Dairy. The typical pinball plunger is replaced by an axe, while the groans and moans of Walkers, the haunting chime of the Bell from the tower, and the verbal and physical interactions between the two main characters, Lee and Clementine, give the table the look, feel, and sound that fans of The Walking Dead will immediately identify with.

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