10 more tips to make money fast in GTA V

Money makes the world go round. In Grand Theft Auto V, the old adage holds true. Cash is king in San Andreas, and you’ll want to maximize profits quickly if you hope to afford luxurious cars and a lavish lifestyle of clothes, property, and high-grade weapons.

Here are 10 more ways than our first list to make fast money in GTA V.

1. Complete side objectives on your way to story missions, including Strangers and Freaks encounters and random events like recovering stolen purses and cars. Making friends and contacts through these activities can result in respectable payoffs during the time between heists, when the millions you’ve earned through daring robberies is starting to dwindle.

2. Listen for stock exchange tips on the radio to play the market, or use PSU’s GTA V stock market guide. Franklin’s assassination missions for Lester are a great opportunity to buy as many shares of a particular stock as you can afford, and then sell all of them after the assassination for a huge payoff. Listen closely to Lester’s dialogue for trading tips.

3. Buy lots of property, as early as possible. Budget your cash to allow for other purchases, like weapons, but the more property you own, the more side activities open up. Completing these activities, and owning property in the first place, will keep cash rolling in on a weekly basis. Gotta spend money to make money!

4. Listen carefully to pre-heist dialogue. Michael and Lester may comment on which parts of the job are less crucial than others. When hiring the crew mates for these particular roles, you can afford to take a less-experienced guy who demands a smaller cut of the profit.

5. A single hospital bill can cost thousands of dollars, and it’s remarkably easy to kill yourself by smashing into a fixed object while driving. Use Franklin’s special kill to slow time in tight traffic, and take care with Michael and Franklin to avoid such situations when you can.


6. Boost skills like Driving and Stamina with expert road maneuvers and triathlons. The better your characters’ skills, the easier that completing heists and other missions with maximum efficiency will be. And you WANT those heists to go off without a hitch–perfect execution leads to significantly higher payouts and can help compensate for AI crew members’ failings.

7. Don’t risk losing money to the perils of Los Santos. Save your tricked-out car in a garage ASAP, for a rainy day, lest an accident or explosion leave you out hundreds of thousands of dollars.

8. Off-road races, midnight street races, and sea races are your friends. Use these opportunities to kill two birds with one stone, raising your Driving skill and earning cash at the same time.

9. Watch out for Gruppe 6 security vans; they carry thousands of dollars of cash in the back, so run one off the road, or shoot at the van to get the security officers to come out. Then, hit the back doors with an RPG or drive the van to a gas station and blow up the tanks. A suitcase of cash awaits.

10. Hang around ATMs, wait for an unsuspecting passerby to make a withdrawal, and rob them.

With these tips, you’ll be making money hand over fist in GTA V. If you have any other great money-making GTA V tips, be sure to share them in the comments below, or in our official forums!