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Project Morpheus set for 'amazing experiences' from indie devs, says Shahid

on 28 April 2014

“There will be a lot of independent developers working with Morpheus," claims Shahid Kamal Ahmad, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's Business Development Manager.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with PlayStation Universe, Shahid was asked whether he thought that indie developers are set to embrace Sony's upcoming new virtual reality (VR) headset for PlayStation 4.

“I think some of the most exciting new experiences are going to come from independent developers,” said Shahid. "Yoshida-san [President of Sony Worldwide Studios] has also been very optimistic about this as well because when you have any kind of new technology or transformative technology, any kind of paradigm shift, what happens is it opens up a door for new people to get in. That for me is the great power of paradigm shifts or generational shifts."

Shahid believes that creativity within the industry is at an all-time high and, with Morpheus being so accessible to all kind of developers, there's real potential that we could see some great games.

“You see this every time there’s a new generation of consoles. People who weren’t really big on the previous generation suddenly have an opportunity to become big. You see it every time. I think with Morpheus you’re introducing this technology into an environment in which there’s more creativity than ever before and the technology is more accessible. You’re going to get some amazing experiences from some of the most creative people in the world.”

Project Morpheus is a head-mounted VR display unit that renders images in 1080p with a 90-degree field of view. The headset accurately tracks head orientation and movement, so as your head rotates, the image of the virtual world rotates intuitively in real-time. There’s no release date as yet, though it’s not expected to launch until 2015.

The full interview with Shahid Ahmad will be published shortly in our latest episode of PlayStation Unchained.