3D Blu-rays and your PS3?

During a Mitsubishi press event before the PGA golf tournament this weekend, Cnet representatives got a taste of the future. After being taken to the hospitality suite of the “official large outdoor video display provider,” each guest was handed a set of 3D glasses.

Similar to the picture above, but a tad smaller, each analyst was treated to stunning visuals and even more stunning commentary. After viewing the demo the Mitsubishi representative stated that Mitsubishi Labs had a Blu-ray player in their labs capable of converting existing 2D movies to 3D. Better than that information, this technology could be ready as early as next year.

Wondering where your PS3 fits into the story, well coupled with the previously mentioned information the rep hinted at discussions with a console manufacturer. Understanding that the Wii is unable to produce the visual rendering and Microsofts backing HD-DVD, well that just leaves one.

Exciting news for HDTV owners as well as PS3 fanatics. Keep your eyes on PSU for more information from Mitsubishi and its futuristic peripherals.