3D Gaming: The Next Big Thing For Consoles And Online Casinos?

The online casino industry has grown, tremendously, in popularity over the last few years. While this success can be attributed to many things, it is important to note the pivotal role the advancement of technology has played over the years. The industry, itself, also ensured the adoption of advanced technology to improve its sector.

However, some people still don’t know the difference between online casino games and video games, with both being relevant to the gaming industry since the 90s. This is because the online casino industry has been venturing deep into gamifying its platforms to attract not only gamblers but also every kind of person across the globe. Casino games can be considered a distant cousin of video games.

But despite this, there is still some difference worth noting when it comes to differentiating casino games from video games. One of the most glaring differences between them is that video games are designed to be dependent on gamers’ skills while casino games rely on RNGs (random number generators) to beat the game. Another difference is that most online casino gaming duration relies, purely, on the amount of money you have, while video games only need you to purchase the game and although there are in-app purchases, they are optional for gamers.

The Online Casino Industry

Although the online casino industry only started gaining popularity over the last decade, the first online casino’s emergence can be dated back to the 90s. However, it was limited to only a few games and the game designs were nothing to write home about at the time. But that didn’t stop several other online casinos like fast pikakasinot from being launched right after the first.

As the years slowly passes, technology continued to see advanced growth, which also, ultimately, led to the growth of the online casino industry. Game designs were being improved, security was also advancing and other features started appearing on these platforms. Slowly but surely, the online casino industry rose to become what it is today due to the continuous advancement of technology.

Console Gaming

Video games have been around much longer than when the first online casino was launched to the world. Casino games are even considered a branch of video games that are based on money. Just like online casino games, video games have also hugely depended on the advancement of technology to become what it is today.

Due to this, we saw the rise of several consoles in the form of PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox, with different series being released as the years passes. These trios have improved immensely over the years to offer gamers the best gaming experience they can get when playing their favourite video games.

Console Casino Games & 3D Gaming

The online casino industry has always been the type to jump on any trend that can possibly improve the awareness of its platforms spread across the internet. One of the trends it joined in on is developing casino games that were designed for consoles. Several console casino games have been designed to function on consoles like PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, with the only drawback being that you won’t be able to play or win real money. You can only play the games for excitement. But this didn’t put a dent in the gaming experience that these games provide to the gamers as they are fun and exciting enough for gamblers and gamers.

Another trend the online casino industry has jumped on is 3D gaming. 3D gaming has been one of the latest trends in the technology world for some time now, and you’ve probably seen some cinemas using 3D technologies like 3D glasses to offer a real cinematic experience to their guests. Now, online casinos have been creating 3D games that will give gamblers a whole new level of gambling experience.

The Next Big Thing For Online Casinos?

For starters, some online casinos have already launched 3D slots to the world, and gamers are enjoying every second of it as it almost feels like they are being transported into a different dimension with beautiful elements and visuals. Several 3D slot games have already emerged in the form of Cazino Cosmos, Flaming Fox, EggOMatic, and Vikings Go To Hell. They are all equally exciting and thrilling to play.

What next? Although both consoles and online casinos have already been invested in 3D gaming, this can only be considered the beginning. 3D gaming is not the endgame as virtual reality has been looming over our heads for some time now. It is only natural for the console and online casino industry to venture into the world of VR gaming to further improve the experience for gamers.

Just like 3D technology did during its rise, virtual reality technology has also been rising in popularity and many industries are venturing into this space to improve their services. So, it is quite probable to say that Virtual Reality is the next big thing for consoles and online casinos rather than 3D gaming.


Consoles and online casinos will not stop improving as technology continues to advance. The world of online gaming has changed significantly over the years due to the advancement of technology, and developers are also continuously working on new ways to make gaming more interesting and exciting for the average gamer. It will be quite interesting to see what the future holds for online casino gaming.