Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3] 2014 Feature

5 amazing FIFA 15 features only possible on PS4 and Xbox One

Electronic Arts has lifted the lid on FIFA 15 at E3 2014 revealing a host of new enhancements and features for its inaugural footy/soccer title.

What’s interesting to hear EA say is that many of FIFA 15’s new features just aren’t possible on PS3 and Xbox 360, suggesting that we’re about to get treated to the most advanced, realistic football/soccer game that has ever graced a console.

Here’s the five features only possible on PS4 and Xbox One

1. Emotional Intelligence
Ever-looking for ways to improve the videogame realisation of the beautiful game, EA is introducing emotional intelligence to give the players on the pitch more personality like their real-life counterparts.

This won’t affect the gameplay, but visually it will make it more believable with 600 different player reactions representing various emotions such as anger and excitement will be show in their body language and facial expressions.

“We want our fans to feel the highs and lows of the drama that is football, and experience the emotional rollercoaster that plays out during a match,” said David Rutter, Executive Producer, EA SPORTS FIFA. “We’re now able to immerse you in the game and let the story of the match unfold based on new commentary, crowd activity, and the natural reactions of the players, which make every game unique.”


2. Physics and animation
Further improving the visuals, and also player animation, EA has implemented physical-based rendering so that players don’t just look like their on-the-pitch doubles but also move, lean and feel like them when you’re in control. Until we play FIFA 15, it’s hard to tell just how realistic it feels, but the concept is very exciting.

3. Visual enhancements
Visual enhancements continue on the pitch with hard sliding tackles and boot marks leaving imprints on the ground, while atmospheric conditions, LED ad boards and corner flags and goal frames that move realistically on impact plan to add to the matchday fever.

“Visually, this is the biggest step the FIFA franchise has ever taken,” said David Rutter. “We set out with the goal of creating atmosphere, players, crowds, and pitches that not only look like they do on match day, but also feel like they do when you play or watch football – it’s a level of immersion we’ve never been able to bring to the game before.”

4. Responsiveness and control
Responsiveness and control of the players has been fine-tuned in what EA refers to as “tuned-based biomechanics”, which will give the footballers more balance and a closer level of control when in possession, particularly at high speeds. Building on that level of control, run touch dribbling, increased mobility and new strides have been introduced to give players more ways and techniques in which to move around with the ball.

5. Off-the-ball tactics
Defenders can now use full-body defending to prize the man off the ball, while enhanced shoulder barges, big falls and shirt pulling gives players not in possession the chance to win the ball back with style. This increased level of strategy also applies to team tactics. Players can now set team objectives which they can trigger with team tactics over short, medium or long periods of the game. You might see teams pulling back behind the ball to defend near the end of the match when they’re winning by a slim margin, or the other team send players forward to attempt to grab a winner.

With the power of the PS4 and Xbox One spurring it along, we’re in no doubt we’re about to experience the most impressive-looking game of FIFA ever. It would have been nice to hear of any enhancements to other features or new game modes at E3 2014, but that is coming, and what has been presented so far appears to be a super slick-looking game of football and a feature-set that should get footy fans frothing at the mouth.