5 awesome PS4 shooters dribbling with flavor

So many shooters follow the route of armed soldiers and a realistic approach to its visual theme. Camouflaged gear, earth-based weaponry, a colour palette which is largely lacking in well…colour. For those out there who have become lethargic and disappointed with the influx 

of military-based shooters, you need not worry: There are plenty of options for you. Do you like flavour, personality, quirk, and humor? Then be still, you’re in good hands. I’ve saved you.

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Robots, ninjas, time travellers, and the grim reaper himself. This small mash-up of characters that have no relevance to one another doesn’t even scratch the surface of who and what’s available in this ridiculous bundle of outstanding enjoyment. Provided with 25 characters and a no-holds-barred approach to how players wish to play the game, Overwatch encourages you to play as a unit taking on the role from one of the available classes, but in no way whatsoever will it punish you for ignoring it.

Whether you’re teleporting around the arena, piloting a mech, or leaping from buildings as a cybernetic Gorilla, this 6 versus 6 co-operative shooter emphasizes class-based abilities and working as a team in order to achieve the common goal. Protecting moving convoys, fighting over zones, defending checkpoints. -This Pixar aesthetically-themed shooter is just screaming enjoyment and best of all it requires no prior experience with other games of its genre. Jump in, have fun, and be amazed by what the game has to offer.


Taking a MOBA approach to the console landscape, Battleborn is a game that hopes to dazzle players with a broad selection of colour characters and a grind-as-you-go attitude towards its co-operative-based campaign. Utilizing a visual style much in-line with Borderlands, for those who desire a an action-packed MOBA on the console and just like Borderlands, enjoys the aspect of big guns and over-the-top flare for dramatic excitement, Battleborn is the way to go.

While the game requires a great deal of time, dedication, patience and your social-life, the enjoyment to be had is one worth submitting to as its quirky yet serious cast of characters are just as bizarre as the studio’s prior games. Along with its campaign mode, players can also experience its online-multiplayer mode where two teams of five fight over the capture zones, complete objectives, and spawn minions to wreak havoc on the opposing team. It’s silly, eccentric, and unconventional. 

Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Packed with colourful characters, absurd artillery, and a narrative that’s as brainless as the characters you’ll be playing, PvZ Garden Warfare 2 is all about high-octane, ridiculous entertainment. Played primarily online from a third-person-perspective, two teams battle it out across thirteen different game modes and up to 24 players. One team takes on the role of the plants and is armed with a selection of weapons all keeping in theme with nature and plant-life, while the other team plays as the zombies and is provided with futuristic military gear.

Each character has their own unique set of abilities and customization options, as well as different classes to take advantage of. PvZ Garden Warfare 2 is dripping with colour, personality, and charm. It sits at the complete opposite end of the scale when taking a look at other competitive-based shooters and does well to provide just enough depth while still remaining simple enough to get on-board with.



Ongoing content, enormous amounts of replayability, and a non-traditional approach to online-shooters unlike anything before it within the console gaming environment. Destiny is a game which requires friends who are committed, love science-fiction, and are willing to invest a serious amount of effort in levelling up characters, taking on a role within a class-based system, and frankly, who are immune to the concept of time. This is a game where one doesn’t simply play for a 40 minutes at a time then go do something else.

Within this Sci-fi universe of many different worlds and alien races, players work together as they go on quests, grind for weaponry and gear, then spends hours upon hours travelling its landscape and bring down the opposing enemy which, like every alien takeover cliché, seeks to wipe out humanity and lay claim to the universe. While there’s a much greater and in-depth storyline here, that is simply down to the players to experience for themselves. The hook to 

Destiny isn’t necessarily the narrative, but its thrilling and attractive game mechanics succeed in keeping players engaged as they make use of class-specific abilities in order to gain experience points and items in order to progress their highly customizable and independent characters, while participating in its many appealing and interesting game modes with their fellow team mates. Raids, strikes, and weekly events which allow double the progression rate to magnetize players, Destiny is a game which does well to keep players hooked, and steer them away from other games which lack the detail and support of that which it contains.


Formed out of a pun from the game’s title itself, DOOM Guy is the direct root for every mediocre and unmemorable character that’s ever been present in first-person-shooters. Taking the old-school by the balls into the new-school, DOOM emphasizes unadulterated mockery, violence and shameless clichés while curb-stomping the genre with a merciless look of disgust.

You wake up on Mars strapped to a hospital bed, and your first introduction to gameplay is cracking a skull and firing a gun. DOOM’s whole attitude to its storyline, gameplay, and the genre itself is "I don’t give a damn, just give me a bigger gun". DOOM guy doesn’t talk, doesn’t care, and doesn’t waste time. Yet, despite his mindless barbaric approach to rescuing the planet and travelling through Hell, he somehow manages to portray more personality and character than the generic "Captain Male Armstrongs" that the original game gave birth to back in 1993.

While the game does contain an objective for the player to follow in order to progress its story, DOOM Guy doesn’t exactly take well to following instructions -evident by his abusive approach to smashing surveillance systems and radios when his "wish to be" ally attempts to lend a helping hand. Fortunately there’s an arena-based multiplayer mode to take part in should players wish to murder each other. Now, go be the DOOM Guy.