5 ideal Valentine’s Day dates for PlayStation singletons

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The one time of the year when you go that extra special mile for that extra special someone. Or, if you’re sad and single like so us, it’s an annual event that seeks only to remind you that perhaps you should spend less time fighting for that Platinum Trophy and more time sprucing yourself and going out on the pull to get a date so you don’t have to fight alone. 

Still, it’s got us thinking. PlayStation has seen its fair share of voluptuous, gorgeous women over the past 20 years, and we’ve spent many school lessons day-dreaming about dating these Hollywood-esque babes, or sitting at the office thinking, ‘if only…..’ 

Well, to humor ourselves, and celebrate Valentine’s Day in a suitably gamer fashion, we’ve decided to pick our top 5 PlayStation babes we’d love to wine and dine on February 14. In our dreams, right?

– – – – – – – 


Oh, it’s a Valentine’s Day article, and we’ve picked Jill Valentine you say? Har har! Yes, yes, we’ve heard it all before. But seriously, Miss Valentine is an ideal choice to grace our list. Resident Evil’s leading heroine is a perfect match of sassy and sophisticated, and is the kind of woman who knows how to get what she wants but also knows how to have a bit of fun. We can imagine the ex.S.T.A.R.S. gal enjoying a pint down the pub as much as dining out at some posh gaff in the heart of Raccoon City. Strong-willed and tough as nails, Valentine is not only stunning, but has the brains to match her beauty. Also, imagine all those zombie horror stories—we’d never get bored chatting!


Uncharted’s leading lady is the quintessential Girl Next Door type; charming, unassumingly stunning, and loyal. Not only that, but she’s a dab hand at shooting armed goons, just in case you date takes a lead-ridden turn. Elena is the type of woman who seems like she wouldn’t say boo to a goose, but underneath her calm exterior, she’s extremely passionate and fights for what she believes in—and that’s the type of girl we’d like to get to know. More than anything though, she’s the sort of woman who wants to settle down, have kids, and buy a house with a picket fence. Ah, marriage bliss!


27-year-old Madison from Heavy Rain is a classy young woman, with impeccable taste for interior designing to boot. From our time spent in her company during the game, it’s obvious Miss Page knows how to have a good time, with a penchant for showing off some groovy moves on the dance floor and flashing a million-dollar smile. We can’t help but feel that she’s the type of woman who would be quite demanding during a night out, and probably wouldn’t settle for a pie and chips in front of the sofa; this is one Valentine’s Day date that would probably cost an arm and a leg—but worth it!


Tekken’s feisty female brawler isn’t a chick you want to mess with, and if there’s one thing we appreciate is a woman who knows how to kick ass. Aside from her excellent martial arts skills, Asuka has a bit of a Tomboy nature that many of her contemporaries lack, and we imagine she’s probably as happy snuggling up for a movie and pizza than she is wining and dining out. Plus, like her relative, Jun Kazama, she loves animals , and literally rode across a rooftop to rescue a kitten on her bike—if that doesn’t deserve kudos, nothing will. 


Dating an alien is something new to us, although that never stopped Commander Shepard. And out of all the intergalactic women out there, Liara is undeniably the most intriguing and stunning. Packing beauty and brains, Miss T’Soni possesses a warmth and honesty not seen in many of her contemporaries, and we can imagine settling down to a wonderful evening as she serenades us with a dozen or so scientific theories about stuff we haven’t a clue about—but it wouldn’t matter, because being in her company is enough for us.