5 Resident Evil 6 Easter Eggs you need to check out

Resident Evil 6 may unapologetically break away from its slow-paced, survival horror origins, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game by any means (as shown in our review). It also doesn’t mean the title has forgotten its rich history. Resident Evil 6 features many Easter Eggs that serve as small nods to the games that came before it, as well as some that are just plain sweet. Many of these are easy to miss. Here are five we’ve discovered so far.

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1. STAGLA returns!

Brand names are often replaced in games, as to avoid an obvious lawsuit. However, it’s a rare case for one of these fake logos to remain recognizable and constant. Serving as an important spot for a tense moment in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis when it is overrun by the undead, the STAGLA chain of gas stations isn’t your ideal pit-stop. The brand makes another appearance in the first chapter of Leon’s campaign in RE6, and once again, is teeming with infected. But hey, gas for under $3.00 USD is to die for.

2. Chris and Piers relax



In the third chapter of Chris and Piers’ campaign, before you open the gate to a city full of hostiles, you’ll run past a playground. You can turn around and head back over as Chris or Piers. Chris will surf down the slide upon interaction via the action button, and Piers decides to go head first. The real fun begins upon reaching the springy panda equipment located nearby. Chris takes a moment to enjoy his bouncing, and then turns to the camera, crossing one leg over the other before hopping off. This may seem completely unrelated to the previous titles in the series, but both Resident Evil 4 and 5 include chairs that serve no purpose other than momentary respite, and bit of text. The pose Chris strikes with his legs seems to mimic the same Leon does when he reclines in Resident Evil 4.

3. Jake whistles the hits


This is highly debatable, but it’s too close a call for us to ignore, and as familiar as it sounds, it’s hard to think Capcom invented a random tune for its new character to greet us with. In the opening cutscene for Jake’s campaign, he can be heard whistling a haunting melody close to our hearts. Or at least, it sounds very much like the memorable melody Alfred’s music box played in

Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

4. Why can’t I play these?

In the "Urban Chaos" map in Mercenaries Mode, you can find an arcade with many of Capcom’s classics on display. From Darkstalkers to Ghosts n’ Goblins, all the cabinets clearly display screenshots of these oldies. It’s too bad the zombie apocalypse is underway. It would be a nice to sit down and enjoy these.

5. Roasted Rasklapanje

When facing off against the face-sucking Rasklapanje as either Leon or Chris, there are always microwaves in the area. Were you wondering why that was? If you shoot off one of the creatures’ arms, the severed limb will make its way towards you in an attempt to grab your face and distract you. If you manage to hit R1 before you’re in its grasp, you’ll normally violently throw and destroy the appendage. If you position yourself in the proximity of a microwave however, the end result is much different.

Did you enjoy these Easter Eggs? Have you uncovered more we didn’t list? Is Jake whistling something completely different? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to PSU for Resident Evil 6 tips and secrets.