55 percent of you think God of War III is better than Red Dead Redemption

Our Ultimate PS3 Showdown is in full swing, and with the first round of match-ups complete, we’ve had time to take a look at the results and dig a little deeper into what it all means.

One of the closest match-ups of them all was destined to be God of War III vs. Red Dead Redemption – a visceral, polished, totally epic PS3 exclusive set against a masterpiece of open-world design in a unique historical setting. It was close all the way to the bitter end, but when all the votes were in, God of War III came ahead with a clear majority – 55.43% to Red Dead’s 44.57%.

Both of these games deserve heaps of praise, and are undeniably among the greatest titles of this generation. However, in selecting God of War III as the better game, PSU readers "thwarted the system". On aggregate ranking site Metacritic, Red Dead Redemption holds an absolutely stellar rating of 95 while God of War III’s respectable 92 rating trails behind. Critics were clearly enchanted with John Marston’s tale over Kratos’ third quest, so why wasn’t the same result reflected in our poll?

Perhaps the emotional attachment that gamers developed for Kratos over two prior adventures helped raise God of War III to new heights, heights unappreciated by critics without the same feelings. Perhaps the legion of PlayStation fans that PSU serves came out in full force to support an exclusive IP. Perhaps the Metacritic system is broken, and fails to provide an accurate picture of game quality by focusing only on the numbers.

So, our question is, why? What is it about God of War III that struck a chord with you over Red Dead Redemption? Use the comments below, or this thread, to join the discussion and tell us why you voted the way that you did. Let’s get to the bottom of this interesting result.