6 more of Resident Evil’s scariest moments

Resident Evil is a quality series full of tense atmosphere, melodramatic yet engrossing storylines, and some of the most revolting and relentless creatures of all time. While the games have recently focused on action, every title in the series has its moments that cause you to drop your controller and jump out of your seat.

Here at PSU, we’re in full-on Resident Evil mode to celebrate the launch of Resident Evil 6 this week. Taking a break from nailing boards over the final few windows and organizing our attache cases, we’re proud to bring you six more of the biggest scares in Resident Evil history.

– – – – – – –

6. Maximum Capacity (RE3)

Starts at 3:13.

Near the very beginning of Resident Evil 3, when you’re just learning your way around in the new areas you’re allowed to explore in Raccoon City, you will be ill-equipped (unless you’re on Easy mode). Who wouldn’t want a shiny, new pump-action shotgun? The door leading to where it’s located just happens to be stuck. Luckily, it’s not an issue, because as you approach it, Brad "Chicken Heart" Vickers bursts through, in an attempt to escape from five zombies that come tumbling out after him. How nice of him to leave them for you take care of?

5. This One Sucks (RE: Outbreak)

In "The Hive" scenario, players are tasked with escaping a Raccoon City hospital that’s fallen victim to the T-virus infected undead. This cutscene introduces us to the monster, but unexpectedly, you’re not simply faced with a simple boss fight. Leechman is a predator, not unlike Nemesis in his unrelenting pursuit. What makes him different, besides the fact that he’s more unsettling than intimidating, is that he acts as more of a time limit for every room you enter. If you linger in an area more than around 45 seconds, Leechman bursts forth from the air-duct in that room and makes a bee-line for your bloodstream. He also happens to be un-killable through normal means. So don’t stick around long, or you’ll soon be hearing the tell-tale shuffling above your head.

4. By the time I noticed something was wrong… (RE2)

After being separated from your partner, you make your way down the zombie infested street and enter the local gun shop. The owner almost shoots you by mistake, but after realizing you haven’t lost your sanity, greets you and locks the door. After the intense opening to the game, it’s nice to have a moment of respite and stock up on ammo. A firearms store seems like an ideal base in a zombie apocalypse. That is, if you don’t have a huge, fragile front window.

3. Mr. UnXSpected (RE2)

Starts at 4:20

The cutscene before this scare alerts you beforehand that something bad is headed your way. Sure it’s just a silhouette, but it was dropped in a huge pod, out of an Umbrella chopper. What could this humanoid figure be? What are its intentions? The answers lie just around the corner.

2. Remove the plug? (REmake)
Chris is missing, Wesker has disappeared, you lost a comrade in the woods to a pack of ferocious zombie dogs, and you’re trying to avoid being eaten by the undead in a huge, foreboding mansion. But forget all that, we can’t leave this bathtub clogged.

1. Do you know the Oven Man? (RE4)

There’s no haunting piano score. There’s no sign of anything terrible about to happen. You grab a few items, take a couple of corners, and things go from "Fine" to "Danger". The wail gets us every time. "What was he doing in there?"

How’d you like our six picks? What are your favorite concentration breaking Resident Evil moments? Let us know in the comments, here’s hoping Resident Evil 6 will have plenty of heart-stoppers too.