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63 Days Is A World War II-Era Real-Time Strategy Game Coming To PS5 & PS4 In 2024

63 Days, a World War II real-time strategy game develops by Destructive Creations, is launching in 2024 for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

Set against the backdrop of occupied Warsaw, Poland in 1944, 63 Days weaves a tale of the fight against overwhelming odds, and builds on Destructive Creations’ previous offering, War Mongrels, offering an isometric real-time tactics experience that conveys the human cost of war.

I’m a part of the first generation born into a free Poland, after 123 years of foreign occupation. The outbreak of World War II stripped me of my family, home, and future. We’re angry, tired, but united. We’re itching to do something, to regain some measure of control over our lives. My companions and I feel like we have only one choice: to get revenge and win back independence for our city and nation, or die trying.

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Players will be able to use stealth or brute force to overcome enemies within the confines of Warsaw, where you will be able to leverage the environment to stay one step ahead of the German armies. Each of your companions feature different backstories, personalities, and skills, and will fight alongside you in battle.