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73% Of Players Are On PlayStation For Call Of Duty, Says CMA Survey, 69% For First-Party Exclusives

The UK’s CMA continues to provide issues for Microsoft as the tech giant tries to get its purchase of Activision Blizzard approved across the globe.

While it may have seemed at one point that this deal would be an easy feat for Microsoft, each day now it seems like the chances of it closing are going down at an alarming rate.

We saw part of that happen today, with the CMA publishing its provisional ruling which explains why it currently sees this merger as something that’ll ultimately make the industry less competitive, and be bad for consumers.

GamesIndustry.Biz’s Christopher Dring points out some pretty revealing numbers that may also help explain why the CMA is taking the stance it is.

According to a survey run by the CMA, 73% of players stated that they are a PlayStation user because of Call Of Duty, while only 69% of users said it was the first-party exclusives that drove them to the platform.

Futhermore, when asked if the current Call Of Duty title available was not released on PlayStation, 53% said they would have still stuck with the platform, while “around three in ten,” or 31% would have bought another device. 7% of people said they just wouldn’t have bought a gaming device.

Of the people who said they would buy a different or another gaming device, 61% responded they would buy an Xbox over going with a PC capable of the games they would look to play.

Those survey results shed more light on why the CMA is taking the stance it is, and enforcing what could be industry-changing alterations to the deal if it happens with one of its suggested conditions.

Microsoft is doing whatever it can to get the deal through, so we’ll still have to see how it develops in the coming weeks.

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