80GB PS3 outselling 40GB PS3 at Amazon

With the recent induction of the 40GB PlayStation 3 around the world, Sony has presented the public with a cheaper, but still efficient product in the $399 PS3 that comes with the Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray. On the other hand, the induction of the 80GB PS3 prior to the 40GB, has also received great respect and creditability within the market as it makes room for a larger storage space, limited backwards compatibility and a copy of Motorstorm, all at the price of $499.

The general conclusion would be that the 40GB will become the top seller between the two models because of the cheaper price tag, but retail data from points that notion into a different direction. At, a large retail site which covers a wide range of products, presented data that shows the 80GB PlayStation 3 outselling the 40GB PlayStation 3. The actual numbers were not revealed, but it should still be noted that even at a higher price tag, people is still willing to pay the extra buck for a higher quality product. Not to say that the 40GB is inferior, but it does lack the ability to play PS1/PS2 games and features a smaller harddrive by forty gigabytes.

This should not be anything surprising because last winter, the overall demand for the 60GB PlayStation 3 was way beyond the demand for the 20GB PS3. Note that both of these models were discontinued in favor of the current ones.

As of today, the PlayStation 3 with all combined models has sold over 5 million units worldwide. That number is expected to jump tremendously in the next year.

Source: PunchJump