87% of owners watch Blu-rays on PS3

The Sony Corporation has announced this week that 87% of PlayStation 3 owners utilize their console to view Blu-ray movies.

Blu-ray Today distributed a pamphlet at CES 2008 this morning revealing the percentage of PS3 owners who watch Blu-ray movies and those of which who intend to always buy or rent Blu-ray movies as well.  Those numbers came back unexpectedly high at 87% for the former and 84% for the latter.

These figures were drawn from an internet-based survey conducted by Sony.

The reason this became news is due to the fact that it negates the allegations that PS3 owners do not influence the high definition format war.  It is very clear by these percentages that that is completely false.  With the ability to play Blu-ray discs out of the box, it’s not very realistic to believe it wouldn’t have an effect in the on-going war.

So far a total of three million units have been sold in North America alone.

According to Sony, the PS3 has outsold Microsoft’s HD DVD Add-on by a margin of 10-1 in the United States.