A complete guide to free PS4 custom themes and wallpapers

best ps4 themes

Providing your console is running PS4 update 4,50 or a later version you can now host PS4 custom themes and transform your dashboard with any image you like, choosing from a huge range of PS4 wallpapers.

Finding the best wallpapers for PS4 can be tough task, but you can enjoy hundreds of free PS4 themes relating to all your favorite games and movies in our wallpaper hub.

How to download PS4 themes

Download custom PS4 themes by following a few simple steps:

1.Use your PS4 browser and head to – http://www.psu.com/wallpapers

2.Use the search bar to find specific PS4 wallpapers, or browse through the pages.

3.Select the background you want, such as this awesome God of War theme, and press Square on your DualShock 4 controller to fit it completely onto a full screen.

cool ps4 wallpapers

4.Press Share on your controller, and select Save as Screenshot.

5.Open the Capture Gallery app on PS4 and highlight your recent download.

6.Press Options on the DS4 and choose Set as Background.

The best resolution of screenshots on standard HD displays is 1920 x 1080, but you can also find 4K PS4 HD themes that use a resolution of 3840×2160. Bookmark the wallpapers page and check back frequently for all the latest games.

How to turn PS4 screenshots into wallpaper

There’s alternative methods too. You can use screenshots from in-game and turn them into backgrounds.

Take a screenshot of your PS4 game by using the PS4 Share button.

Go to Settings > Themes > Custom Themes on your PS4.

Your screenshot will be saved in the Capture Gallery, so simply choose the screenshot your want to set as your theme.

Click apply and your screenshot will now be part of your background.

wipeout collection wallpaper

How to set a custom theme from USB

If you’ve got photoshop skills or image editing software then you can create your own custom themes on PC, and then add them to the PS4 via USB.

Simply, create a folder on your USB stick and call it SHAREFACTORY/IMAGES.

Add your newly created images into the folder.

Launch ShareFactory and attach your USB to the PS4’s USB drive.

Go to Import Content > Import Images, and select the images on your USB stick.

Go the Photos and create a New Project.

Save it to your Gallery and then follow the steps above “How to turn PS4 screenshots into wallpaper”.

playstation wallpaper

Check out a small selection of 10 PS4 custom themes that we host out of hundreds that will transform your background.

Looking for inspiration?

Find slick custom themes for PlayStation 4 from our gallery. Check out some of the ones we’ve created below.

ps4 wallpapers

There’s many great Mass Effect Andromeda wallpapers, but this one is our favorite with the beautiful contrast between red and blue and the huge planet in the background.

ps4 wallpaper

Get hyped for the arrival of Rockstar’s upcoming Wild West RPG with this stunning Red Dead Redemption 2 wallpaper.

red dead redemption wallpaper for ps4

The hottest new game on the block is Horizon Zero Dawn. Make your dashboard come to life with this stunning tribute to Guerilla Games’s latest adventure.

horizon zero dawn theme

There’s plenty of iconic images from Bioshock Infinite, but this one looks fabulous as your PS4 background.

bioshock wallpapers

Nier Automata features iconic imagery, and this wallpaper captures the magic of one of 2017’s best games.

Put your foot on the pedal and download the latest Gran Turismo 6 PS4 theme.

gran turismo 6 theme

Check our these PS4 themes for more cool wallpapers.