A Kojima classic to release on Japanese PS Store

With the original PlayStation One title Metal Gear Solid already on the PS Store in Japan, and with MGS4’s release less than a month away, Japanese PS3 and PSP owners can look forward to the release of another Hideo Kojima classic on their Store.

The newest classic PS1 title is Mr. Kojima’s Policenauts, allowing gamers who are feverishly awaiting MGS4 to get their fix with this classic Kojima game. The game, which was first released on the NEC PC-9821 platform in 1994, features the story of an astronaut named Jonathan Ingram returnin home after being presumed dead due to a failed space mission. Many twists and turns greet Ingram after his 25 year hiatus from society; inclusive of all the signs of a well-written Kojima script.

The original PlayStation version of the game is currently available on the PlayStation Store for ¥600 (US$ 5.70).