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A New DualSense Attachment Lets You Play Your PS5 With One Hand

3D printers continue to be used to all kinds of creative and cool things, like how YouTuber Akakai Kuumeri uses one to make attachments for controllers. After designing a 3D printed flight stick attachment, his newest one lets you use your DualSense controller with only one hand.

Being able to play your PS5 with one hand might not be the first thing that you may want to try, but for many players an attachment like this would be quite desirable. It opens up playing to those who can’t play traditionally, which is a step in the right direction for many players potential accessibility issues.

If you’d like to print it yourself, you can download the files for the design here.

Kuumeri’s video also points out how you could use it to play co-op games on your own, demonstrated with It Takes Two.

It’s great to see attachments like this being made by members of the gaming community, even if it doesn’t suit everyone’s different accessibility needs. But it does point out a sore spot in PS5 and PS4’s accessibility.

Microsoft at least has an adaptive controller, which is designed to allow more people to enjoy games who can’t use the standard Xbox controller. Those looking to have an avenue like that on PlayStation have to rely on third party manufacturers.

It’s well overdue for Sony to develop an adaptive controller. Hopefully we’ll finally see one during the PS5’s generation.

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