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A New PS5 Bundle May Have Leaked, Comes With 2 Year PS Plus Premium Subscription

UPDATE 19/06/2023: The bundle seems to have been confirmed as being available through Telecom, though it’s not yet clear if it will be available at other retailers.

Original Story:

While the price of the PS5 hasn’t exactly gone down nearly three years after launch (in fact depending on where you live, it went up), Sony has consistently been bundling the console together with different games, both first and third-party titles.

On Monday, a new PS5 bundle seems to have leaked, showing that Sony is preparing to announce a bundle that includes 2 years worth of a subscription to PS Plus Premium, the top-tier of PlayStation’s new PS Plus system.

There’s no word on what the price of these bundles would be, usually with game bundles things work out that you’re getting a big discount on the price of the game.

So it could be the case that the valuation works out where this bundle is the best price for a PS Plus Premium subscription, if you don’t already have a console.

The number of PS Plus subscribers hasn’t exactly skyrocketed since Sony announced its new tiered structure, but what has gone up is player spending on the subscriptions, with plenty opting for the Extra or Premium tiers once they became available.

And with the new features and games constantly being added to the Extra and Premium game catalogs, it’s likely that more and more players will begin to see something in the higher tiers that could make it worth it for them.

Source – [Zuby_Tech on Twitter]