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A Quake II Remaster Will Reportedly Be Announced During QuakeCon 2023

QuakeCon 2023 is nearly upon us as it’ll run between August 10-13 which is a week today at time of writing, and it seems that leaker billbil_kun on Twitter has claimed that a remaster for Quake II will be announced as coming to PS5 and PS4.

This past June we saw a Quake II Remaster get rated in Korea, so that it’ll be announced next week doesn’t come as big of a surprise as it might’ve had that rating not appeared.

It could potentially even be the case that it’ll be shadow-dropped next week, with it playable at QuakeCon for those in attendance.

There’s also the fact that Bethesda won’t have anything to announce at QuakeCon 2023, which brings does raise a flag but Bethesda might be in this case referring to itself as Bethesda the developer rather than Bethesda the publisher.

Which if that’s the case isn’t surprising considering everyone at BGS is currently working on this big space game coming out in nearly a month, you might’ve heard of it.

At the very least it’s exciting for both veteran Quake II fans and the new generation of players who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to play them can play the first Quake, and now likely the second one on their modern hardware sometime soon.

Source – [billbil_kun via Gematsu]