A Valentine’s Day surprise for the PSP

Some last minute Valentine’s Day plans are in the works for PSP owners tomorrow and it all comes courtesy of "Patapon". The quirky PSP title will have a demo available on both the PC to PSP PlayStation Store and the PS3 Store as of tomorrow.

Many PSP owners rushed over to the Japanese PSP Store last week and downloaded the demo from the Japanese store only to be sorely disappointed. The demo has a fair amount of text to carry out it’s story line and left those PSP owners out of luck. SCEA must have caught wind of this, or just felt generous for the upcoming holiday, and has decided to extend the downloadable demo to North America.

Chris Hinojosa-Miranda, Associate Producer at SCEA, let PlayStation Blog readers know of the latest news with this announcement:

"Yes, it is true. After reading some of your comments (you know who you are), we decided to extend the demo to all corners of the North America, thanks to the powers of the interwebs, so come February 14th, 2008, you will be able to score the free Patapon demo online over the PLAYSTATION Store for PC. But wait, there’s more! For an unlimited time only, you’ll also be able to download the Patapon PSP demo over your PS3 as well! Oh Pata-SNAP! So make sure your PSP’s Memory Stick Pro Duo is good and ready to download and transfer the demo from your PS3 over to your PSP."

Just like the UMD demo, available from GameStop/EBGames if you preordered Patapon, the downloadable Patapon PSP demo will have the same save-to-final feature. This feature will give you a special weapon that can be saved and then loaded to the final retail game when the game is released on February 26.