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A Video Showcasing The PS5 Slim Leaked, And It’s Not Really That Slim

After images had leaked showcasing the PS5 Slim, it now appears that a video showing the whole console held by Twitter user BwE_Dev has been posted online, and it’s difficult to tell what about it is actually “slim.”

The video shows a chassis that looks like the images that appeared online earlier on Friday, with a cut down the side of either faceplate, though contrary to previous ‘slim’ models of new PlayStation consoles, it’s not been made much smaller.

This latest leak is definitely the biggest in the lead up to the official announcement for the PS5 Slim, so it’ll be curious to see how long now until Sony just comes out and shows this new sku off properly.

Especially if the Slim is due to arrive later this year, as Microsoft previously stated as part of documents it provided for its court case against the FTC.

What’ll be most interesting to see is if the slit on either faceplate will be part of the removable disc drive this new model has been rumoured to come with.

Source – [BwE_Dev via Wario64]