Activision hints that Crash Bandicoot will appear in PS All-Stars

It’s safe to say that the collective PlayStation Nation is eager for more news on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The characters that SuperBot Entertainment ought to include is a point of contention for many, but one worthy fighter we can almost certainly agree on is Crash Bandicoot. The iconic marsupial is arguably the most-requested character for Sony’s crossover brawler, and license-owner Activision may have tipped off a fan about Crash’s inclusion in the game.

In a Twitter conversation captured by NeoGAF user plainr_, a fan shows their support for a Crash Bandicoot HD collection to Activision Support. Activision first responds in kind, thanking the user for their interest. When the fan comes back and expresses his/her hope that Crash will appear in PlayStation All-Stars, Activision Support gives a sly answer: "We hope so too. [SuperBot Entertainment] will have more info on this."

The damning tweet has since been removed, adding even more credence to the possibility that Activision leaked something they weren’t supposed to. Maybe it’s just me, but I find it odd that Activision Support chose to say that SuperBot will have more info. Not just on the game or potential characters, but on "this", the matter at hand – Crash’s inclusion in the game.

Whatever the case, treat this with cautious optimism for now, and stay glued to for all things PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale in the weeks and months leading up to release.