Agent by Rockstar Games rumoured for PS4 as artwork leaks online

agent ps4 rockstar games

Originally in development for PS3, Agent by Rockstar Games never made it to Sony’s console. Announced in 2009, the spy game was set during the Cold War, but following the reveal little has been heard about it since, other than a few in-game screenshots from early builds.

In 2016, Take-Two renewed the trademark for Agent, but once again nothing has been 100 percent confirmed. The game’s Wikipedia page still remains in tact with no mention of a cancellation, and the publisher has avoided questions relating to the IP, neither confirming or denying whether it will now make it to PS4.

It’s now rumoured that the following concept art is taken from the game, bringing renewed hope that Agent for PS4 could become a reality. The source of the leaked artwork is a Twitter account named Bully 2 info. The user has detailed concept art on there from Rockstar Games’ Bully 2 recently, and yesterday posted the following images.

Currently, Rockstar is working on Red Dead Redemption 2, which is due for release in Fiscal 2018  (before September 2018). We’ve reached out to Rockstar for comment.

Source: Gamezone