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Alan Wake 2 Alternate Ending Seemingly Datamined, Points To Possible Inclusion In New Game Plus Mode

Alan Wake 2 data miners have uncovered what appears to be an alternate ending for the critically acclaimed horror game, which may point to Remedy’s plans for the game’s previously-announced expansions.

The videos suggest via text info that they are planned for Alan Wake 2’s New Game Plus mode, which is planned to drop in the near future. There’s major spoilers featured in the video footage, so we’re not going to post them here or describe anything, but it reportedly features material that suggest the New Game Plus will offer an entirely different conclusion to what is featured in the game currently.

Meanwhile, other videos feature Control side character Mr. Darling and implies that the DLC will tie Alan Wake 2 to the wider Remedy universe.

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Remedy has two major expansions planned for the game so far, which are titled Night Springs and the Lake House. Night Springs sees players taking control of multiple familiar characters from the Alan Wake universe across a series of self-contained episodes of the series’ in-universe fictional TV show, Night Springs. The Lake House meanwhile sees players exploring the titular location on Cauldron Lake as Saga Anderson and Alan Wake’s realities collide once more.

Alan Wake 2 was released for PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S on October 27, 2023, and you can read our full verdict here.

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