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Alan Wake 2 Will Have New Game+ Post Launch, Including An Alternative Narrative, New Difficulty Level, And More

Alan Wake 2 is only days away from launch at time of writing, and after 13 years of waiting, they’ll be able to find out what happens to Alan Wake next.

Excitement for the game is at peak levels, and now Remedy Entertainment has announced something that’ll get fans even more excited.

That being the studios plans to release new game+ sometime post launch, which will also include an alternative narrative, an new difficulty level called Nightmare, new Manuscript pages and new video content.

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There’s not a release date or even a release window provided now, all Remedy says is that the “exact release timing is still TBD,” so it might be a bit of a wait while we all enjoy the Alan Wake 2 we’ll get this coming Friday.

In the meantime though it’s exciting to know players will have this to look forward to, particularly the alternative narrative bit.

Fans have been dying to know how Alan Wake’s story continues, and that there are going to potentially be two very different versions is exciting to consider the possibilities.

Alan Wake 2 will be available on PS5 and other current-gen platforms this Friday, October 27, 2023.

Source – [Remedy Entertainment]

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