Aliens: Colonial Marines Escape mode detailed

SEGA and Gearbox have lifted the wraps off a new multiplayer effort for Aliens: Colonial Marines by the name of Escape mode.

Joining the previously-announced death made mode, Escape pits a four-player U.S. Colonial Marines squad against a deadly Xenomorph team. The Marines will be tasked with escaping the attacking alien hordes across a fast-paced map, with the latter attempting to slaughter their quarry as fast as possible.

Players will be against a time limit, and will have to combine the efforts of their faction’s unique abilities in order to survive, either by reaching the escape point or eliminating their enemies.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is being developed with extreme care and respect to the venerable sci-fi horror franchise, and will be an authentic entry in the Aliens canon when it hits shelves in February 2013.

Featuring sumptuous visuals and intense shootouts, Colonial Marines also includes a four-player drop in/drop out co-op campaign, offering first-person action from the perspective of the Marines and third-person viewpoint from the eyes of the deadly Xenomorphs.

Stay tuned to for more details.