Alone in the Dark looking to reclaim horror crown

Alone in the Dark Producer Nour Polloni has expressed how Atari wishes to re-establish the venerable series as the premier title in the Survival Horror genre, by way of incorporating impressive visuals and a unique tension-building experience.

Speaking in a recent interview, Polloni expounded on the inclusion of real world rules in the game, and how the player is able to experience a unique outcome based on each particular situation. As such, Polloni believes that this will make the game all the more exciting for players.

In terms of visuals, the team were able to acquire GPS satellite data allowing them to produce a detailed map of the Central Park area in New York City, boosting an accuracy of 50c. Polloni also described how the developers were able to use real time lighting to create a moody atmosphere for game’s many environments.

Whereas Resident Evil and Silent Hill rely on jump tactics and psychological elements, respectively, to convey fear, Alone in the Dark aims to focus on creating an uneasy feeling of tension in the player, by fear of what may happen at any time.

Alone in the Dark is due out on multiple consoles later this year; stay tuned for further information as it becomes available.