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Amazon’s Fallout TV Show Has Been Renewed For Season 2, Before The First Episode Of The Series Has Aired

Amazon must have some kind of confidence in the new tv-show it’s producing based on Bethesda’s classic Fallout franchise, because the show has already been renewed for a Season 2, and the first episode of Season 1 hasn’t even aired.

Not that it won’t be live soon – it’ll be available to watch on Amazon Prime later this week, on April 11, 2024. Also, the confirmation of a Season 2 before we’ve even had Season 1 isn’t purely based on confidence, it’s also based on a $25 million tax cut the show will get by moving to California.

As Variety reports, the California Film Commission (CFC) is giving out $152 million in tax credits to multiple shows, Fallout included, getting $25 million out of that $152 million chunk.

Variety also points out though that getting the tax credit doesn’t mean the show will necessarily use it – but if Amazon is going ahead with filming Season 2 in California, rather than New York and parts of Utah (which was the case for Season 1) then it’ll likely be taking that tax credit.

Going into Season 1 though with the knowledge that there will be more storytelling beyond this initial handful of episodes, puts an interesting framing on whatever is going to happen in the show’s pilot episode, and the audience reception.

Source – [Variety]