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Amnesia The Bunker Shellshocked Difficulty Mode Will Offer No Pause During Inventory, Randomises Item Locations & More

Frictional Games‘ Fredrick Olsson has revealed that Amnesia: The Bunker will receive a new difficulty mode in the form of Shellshocked, which will offer a considerably tougher challenge for players by reducing the number of spaces to hide, as well as offering no pause during the inventory.

You can see a preview of the Shellshocked Mode in action below.

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The Admin Office also receives some tweaking for Shellshocked Mode, as it’s no longer a complete safe haven; its wooden doors can be broken, and the new mode also randomises the locations of items and hazards.

Amnesia: The Bunker takes the form of a first-person survival horror game set in World War I, with players controlling Henri Clement, a French soldier trapped in an underground bunker. Here, Clement is hunted by a the Beast, a mysterious and photosensitive creature that stalks players throughout the bunker, which is caked in darkness.

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