Analyst: 360 to outsell PS3 this xmas by 2:1

A report filed by prediction market the simExchange states that the Xbox 360 will outsell Sony’s PlayStation 3 console in North America by as much as 2-to-1 between now and the end of 2007.

Analyst Jessie Divnich forecast sales of 2 million for Microsoft’s console during period up to and including the 2007 holiday season, with the PS3 selling around 1 million units. Nintendo’s Wii and DS are set to lead the pack, however, with sales of 3.28 million and 2.86 million units each, respectively.

While the report – complied from thousands of gamer, developer and industry predictions – does take into account the recently released 40GB PS3 model, it observes that software sales for the month of October were actually below that of estimations.

Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction sold 74,500 units last month, putting it lower than it’s predicted 129,000 mark. However, the upcoming Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is expected to be a heavy hitter during December, with sales estimated at 286,000 units.

Elsewhere, sales predictions for Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed have fallen due to the publication of lower-than-expected review scores on a global basis, with Divnich targeting an average score of 80 – 90 per cent, as opposed to the 95 per cent margin.

Sales estimates for the game now stand at 1.84 for the Xbox 360 version (down from 2.85 million) and 1.38 million for the PS3 version (down from 1.48 million)