Angry Birds is PSN’s ‘most downloaded’ game

Lazard Capital Market’s Colin Sebastian has said that Angry Birds is now the “most downloaded” game on PlayStation Network.

The Rovio-developed juggernaut launched on Sony’s online service back in January, having previously enjoyed enormous success on mobile platforms with over 12 million copies sold via the App Store.

"PSN appears to be gaining traction tapping into the casual and social gaming market with titles such as Angry Birds, which is the most downloaded game through the PSN," said Sebastian. "PSN is also seeing good success with ‘freemium’ and micro-transaction models."

In addition, the analyst revealed that PSN has reached 75 million accounts worldwide, half of which are based in North America. He also said that over 1.4 billion pieces of content have been downloaded through PSN since its launch in November 2006.