Another Xbox One Exclusive Coming to PS4; Critically-Acclaimed Platformer

candleman ps4

One of Microsoft's ‘Xbox Exclusives' is coming to PS4 later this year. Candleman was announced for Xbox One as an Xbox One exclusive title, produced via the [email protected] program, and launched on the console in January 2017.

However, it appears it was just a timed exclusive because now the pretty puzzle-platformer is coming to PS4 and Steam. Published by E-Home Entertainment and developed by Spotlightor Interactive, Candleman puts you in control of a candle.

Candleman coming to PS4

Players have to light up their way through various levels dodging danger, but the catch is you can only light candle for 10 seconds per stage.

The game scored decent reviews at launch, gaining an average of 78% on Metacritic. What we don't know yet is which regions it's coming too or a release date, but we presume it will be available in North America and Europe.

Check out the Candleman announcement trailer for PS4. It looks pretty decent!

  • Rangerman15

    Finally, an actual good chinese game (well, aside from Icey and Light Tracer.

  • Li Xuan

    Pretty sure the publisher is Zodiac Interactive instead of E-Home of PC and PlayStation versions.

  • Charles Hinkle

    I’m still waiting for Nier Automata! Square Enix!