Ape Escape 2 coming to PS4 as a PS2 Classic, suggests Trophy leak

Ape Escape 2 could be the next PS2 Classic to make its way to the PlayStation 4, if a leaked Trophy listing on Exophase is anything to go by.

The list confirms 14 Trophies in all, although there’s no release date given. However, given the fact Exophase has previously leaked Trophies for the likes of Dead Rising and Beyond: Two Souls ahead of their official reveals, it’s likely this listing is the real deal.

Ape Escape 2 was released on the PlayStation 2 in 2003 and is regarded as one of the finest platformers to grace Sony’s 150+ selling home console. The game sees hero Spike tracking down and capturing monkeys with an array of gadgets, including his trusty net.


Developed by SCE Studio Japan, the Ape Escape franchise debuted back in 1999 for the PlayStation, and went on to spawn a number of sequels and a hugely successful array of spin-off titles.

The mainline series continued after Ape Escape 2 with the release of Ape Escape: On The Loose for the PlayStation Portable in 2005 and Ape Escape 3 on PS2 that same year. The next few years saw the release of a number of spin-offs and party games, such as Ape Escape Million Monkeys, Ape Escape Academy, and Ape Escape Racing.

The most recent entry in the series came in the form of PlayStation Move Ape Escape in 2010.