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Apex Legends Is Changing Forever With Season 20: Breakout

Apex Legends is celebrating its 5 year anniversary, and as part of the celebration, Respawn has announced that the game is about to undergo an absolutely massive change.

Season 20: Breakout, the new season set to begin this month will be changing Apex Legends forever. The biggest change being that armour will no longer be a loot item in Battle Royale.

Instead, your armour will be determined by your EVO level within each new game. Everyone begins at one, and as you deal more damage, get kills, and engage with the game, the higher your EVO level will be, and the higher-tier armour you’ll have.

But that’s not the only big change. Armour can still be swapped through what Respawn is calling “Shield Cores,” and once you’ve been getting into fights, it works similar to how it always has.

Your EVO level will now also determine Legend Upgrades, which will augment your legends current abilities in some way. We don’t know exactly what the upgrades will be, but based on the symbols Respawn uses for them, it could be things like speeding up the cooldown for tactical abilities.

Or potentially increasing the damage on your ultimate or tactical abilities. Each upgrade will be specific to the legend you’re playing, and you’ll be given the choice between two upgrades when reaching EVO level 2 and EVO level 3.

You gain EVO through team and personal actions, for example doing damage, getting a knock or an assist, and using a new item called a EVO cache all impact your personal EVO.

Squad wipes, revives, respawns, using things like survey beacons or ring consoles, and using a new item called EVO Harvesters will impact your whole squad’s EVO.

Those changes, which begin with simply removing armour as a loot item, will truly change how Apex is played forever. This new system adds a whole new meta for players to dive even deeper into.

There are plenty of other changes coming in Breakout, of course. An overhaul of ranked is coming, along with a new Mixtape-exclusive map called Thunderdome.

We still have a lot of answers to come from Respawn, specifically from the patch notes that’ll arrive on February 12, 2024, according to the team.

For now, you can see some short gameplay clips and hear some of the developers go through these changes in a developer diary update, below.

Source – [Respawn]