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Apex Legends Update 1.54 Patch Notes Revealed For PS4

Respawn has unleashed the Apex Legends update 1.54 patch notes for you to have a gander at, which is now live to download for PS4, PC and Xbox One versions of the popular battle royale title. Read up on Apex Legends 1.54 below to find out what’s new!

Apex Legends Update 1.54 Patch Notes

  • Re-enable the ability to place Rampart’s turret on the Trident
  • Fix for players who are getting stuck on certain menu pages

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Apex Legends was released in February 2019 for PS4, PC and Xbox One and became an immediate success, attracting around 50 million players in just one month. Respawn has continued to support the game ever since with new content such as extra characters and other features.

Unfortunately this has meant that a new Titanfall game has been firmly off the cards for the time being, but hopefully the series can co-exist with Apex Legends at some point this generation.