Apple Inc. to buy out Electronic Arts?

In what would potentially be one of the biggest moves to transpire in the videogames industry, Apple Inc. is supposedly playing with the idea of buying out developing and publishing giant, Electronic Arts. Indeed, it seems only a short while ago that EA was in play to purchase and takeover Take-Two Interactive, which inevitably never happened after the strong sales of Grand Theft Auto IV. However, this latest gossip could lead to Apple jumping head first into the gaming world a lot deeper than just the iPhone or iPod Touch.

This type of buyout could have serious ramifications for gamers worldwide as the rumors of Apple releasing a home console of its own has been known to sprout up on forums from time to time. If Apple were able to purchase a publishing machine as substantial as EA, it would definitely spell the end of rival consoles that are unable to supply their consumers with the vast line-up of titles that EA has on offer.

According to Guy Adami, a Market Analysis big wig, there has been a ton of chatter in regards to the iPod company making a takeover bid of Electronic Arts. While EA has yet to comment on the situation, it’s highly doubtful we’ll hear anything about it any time soon. However, we’ll be sure to update our readers on this situation as it plays it.