Apple to join the PSP and DS in handheld market

Using the iPhone, Apple has plans on entering the handheld gaming market by unveiling the software development kit for the phone. At an event at Apple’s headquarters, Apple announced support for OpenAL, 3D sound, and OpenGL which are all standards that game developers currently develop with.

How can this be done with no joystick or D-pad you ask? Well, the guys over at Apple has given developers access to the iPhone’s accelerometer that senses where the phone is on the three axis; similar to the PlayStation 3’s sixaxis remote. By moving the phone, gamers will be able to move characters or vehicles on the screen.

During the event, Apple demoed a game titled, Touch Fighter, which allows gamers to control a spacecraft around the screen by of course, tilting the phone.

While this may not sound like a very profitable approach, Apple has contacted game companies such as EA and Sega and asked them to create a game to show that it can be done on the iPhone. EA showed a demo of Spore and Sega demoed Supermonkey Ball, both of which games made use of the accelerometer.

Apple has also patented a method that would automatically determine which games on the iTunes Store are compatible with iPods or iPhones.

With the substantial success of the Nintendo DS and with God of War out and Crisis Core on the way for the PSP, all we can say is ‘Good Luck.’ You’re going to need it.