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Arcade Paradise Unveils A First Look At Its Retro Gameplay In New E3 2021 Trailer


Get a first look at the gameplay for upcoming title Arcade Paradise to see exactly what this retro-inspired arcade builder is all about.

Revealed during The Guerrilla Collective’s latest stream, Arcade Paradise is set in the sleepy town on Grindstone. As Ashley, you help build up your families laundromat, turning it into an arcade and investing to help it grow.

Building up your profits, you will interact with more than 35 machines that each have their own gameplay and stories to discover. The success of the arcade is all up to you, so be sure that the decisions you make are making the best choices to ensure success.

Announced earlier this year for PS5 and PS4, the game is looking nice, especially for fans of retro experiences, and we are hoping to get a confirmed date sometime soon.

You can watch the new Arcade Paradise trailer below:

Arcade Paradise releases for PS5 and PS4 in 2021.