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Arctic Awakening Is A Survival Episodic Game Coming In 2022 For PC And Consoles

One of the new titles announced during the Future Games Showcase last night included Arctic Awakening, a new survival title currently in development for PC and consoles and is pencilled in for a 2022 launch.

Set in the Arctic North, the game picks up after a plane crash that leaves you and your robotic companion, Alfie, stranded in freezing conditions. With your co-pilot lost in the crash, you set out to locate them while surviving the harsh environment and exploring your surroundings.

Arctic Awakening places emphasis on player choice, with your decisions helping to shape your relationships with Alfie and even the overall narrative. Along the way, you’ll explore to uncover the mystery behind your co-pilot’s disappearance, the reasons for you being stranded in the first place, and a way back home.

The freezing arctic setting features dynamic weather, allowing each new area to feel unique and ensures the environment is not always on your side and is almost a character in itself. The game takes place from a first-person perspective and will be released in episodic form.

Arctic Awakening is scheduled for release in 2022 for PC and consoles.

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