ARK Survival Evolved Patch Notes PS4 Updates

Ark Survival Evolved Patch Notes For PS4 Update

ark survival evolved patch notes ps4 update

The latest Ark Survival Evolved patch notes have landed for the new PS4 update. The latest patch is also available to download on PC and Xbox One.

The new Ark update arrives as players prepare for the arrival of the Extinction expansion on November 5. The new DLC is the third downloadable pack for the survival game and can be purchased via the Season pass.

In addition to the new Corrupted Earth map, players will also get new resources, new creatures and PvE raids against Corrupted Creates.

Ark Survival Evolved Patch Notes For PS4 Update

The version number is 1.72.

– Addressed map exploit
– Arthropleura rebalance
– Bite can now damage stone, metal, and TEK structures
– Takes 5x explosive, 3x ranged damage
– Scorched Earth
– Consumable lifetime increased to 90% of default from 30%
– Added Titano spawns
– Prim+
– Armor weight increased
– Argent can now grab correctly
– Extinction Chronicles
– Increased Player and Dino Level Cap by 1
– Added 3 new Explorer Notes
– Added Corrupted Boots unlockable
– Fixed Corrupted Helmet colorization
– Tek Stego
– new breeding line
– 5% chance to spawns
– 20% higher base level
– Colors
– Be on the lookout for Purple, Blue, Black, and Grey dinos for the next week!
– General
– Riot shield can now be crafted from the fabricator
– Crop plots now correctly grow when out range
– Fix for server crash related to carrying passengers
– Fix client softlock related to TEK gear
– Small Tribes
– Can only merge into a tribe if both tribes have an available slot
– Added admin commands
– DestroyTribeId
– DestroyTribeIdDinos
– DestroyTribeIdPlayers
– DestroyTribeIdStructures
– TPCoords
– RainDinos
– RainDanger
– RefillStats
– GiveArmorSet
– GiveWeaponSet
– GiveItemSet
– ClearMyBuffs

The new Ark Survival Evolved update is now ready to download.