ARK Survival Evolved: PS4 players will benefit from Xbox One preview, says Wildcard

Wildcard’s upcoming action survival game is currently in its preview phase exclusively on Xbox One ahead of its full release in June 2016, but the Seattle-based developer believes that the early access will also benefit PS4 players.

ark survival evolved

ARK Survival Evolved on Xbox One has thrown up multiple bugs during its preview, including frame-rate issues, and the developer has now laid out the roadmap for launch, which ensures there’s time to work on optimising the game for release on PS4.

Studio Wildcard co-founder and creative director Jesse Rapczak told Gamespot:

“It feels weird to say this, but fortunately the Sony players will benefit greatly from the Xbox early access. Even though they’re different platforms, they’re both consoles. Console gamers have lots of similarity; it doesn’t matter what platform you’re playing on. That being said, all of the feedback we’re getting from Xbox is really great for whatever console we ever launch Ark on.”

Based on data gathered from the preview, Wildcard has laid out its plans as the game heads towards its June launch.

“Our plan was to be in alpha around March and then have a couple solid months of alpha and the move to beta with final polish and bug-fixing. And then to finally release in summer on Xbox and PC together. And so, from our perspective, we’re not even in the optimization and polishing phase yet.”

In ARK Survival Evolved players must survive in an open world where dinosaurs roam freely. The game features resource gathering, base building and crafting as players attack and defend against both human and dinosaur enemies.


There are currently more than 60 dinosaurs in the game which can be tamed. Players can use each dino’s various strengths in battle and explore the island in the saddle of creatures such as the Argentavis and Pteranodon.

According to Wildcard, feedback from the Xbox One preview phase has been extremely positive. “Players told us that this is their favorite game ever,” said Rapczak, who also claims that it’s been described as “Minecraft for adults.”